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September 2009
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Erins_Pub [userpic]


It was the hour of simply nothing,
not a single desire in my western heart,
no ancient system
of breathing and postures,
no big idea justifying what I felt.

There was even an absence of despair.

"Anything goes," I said to myself.
All the clocks were high. Above them,
hundreds of stars flickering if, if, if.
Everywhere in the universe, it seemed,
some next thing was gathering itself.

I started to feel something,
but it was nothing more than a moment
passing into another, or was it less
eloquent than that, purely muscular,
some meaningless twitch?

I'd let someone else make it rhyme.
- Stephen Dunn
Different Hours


Hey, if you have the chance, you should give me a call at 905.870.0010 or an email at jeremy.livingston@gmail.com — I'm going to be in Toronto on Monday, and we can hang out and you can meet some pretty awesome people.